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"Michael has been a fantastic piano teacher for my kids. The big differentiators?

1) Music Theory: I hired Michael because he was willing to teach the kids both traditional piano (reading music, classical, etc) and music theory, which will enhance their ability to play in bands. I know so many people who took years of formal piano classes (myself included) who wish that they could play in a band, but don't understand chords, keys, etc (which is the language of bands). By introducing my kids to music theory, I feel like we are opening up music as a lifelong pursuit.

2) His understanding of the brain: As a resilience educator, I have learned that understanding the way the brain works is critical when teaching skills. Michael not only understands music, but he has a very good grasp of learning theory and the neurological impact of music instruction."

Donna M. Volpitta, Ed.D, Pound Ridge, NY

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