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“I have been taking piano lessons with my teacher for about two years now. Over the course of these two years, I have grown as a pianist. Mr Michael has taught me various techniques for improvising, chord progressions that I can use to accompany my right hand while improvising, and we have covered a wide range of artists. To name a few favorites: George Winston, Chopin, Mozart, Yann Tiersen, Billy Joel and Elton John.

What I have enjoyed the most about taking piano lessons with him is our interesting conversations about aspects of music, whether it's composing, writing film scores, famous composers, or sometimes topics that are more science related like which side of the brain is more geared towards music and creativity.

My instructor has a holistic approach to teaching. Mr Michael allows his students to choose the music they want to learn. He guides us through note reading, but doesn't force music theory as a set part of every class. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking lessons with him.

Next year I will be heading off to college. My teacher has inspired me to continue on with piano and I plan to take lessons with him via Skype.”

Delaney, 17, Old Greenwich, CT

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