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"Greenwich Arts Academy not only made me love music, but made me want to teach it."
Athena, 16, Stamford, CT
"Thank you for making it look so easy, painless, and FUN!"
Ariane Herne, Old Greenwich, CT
"...I feel like we are opening up music as a lifelong pursuit."
Donna M. Volpitta, Ed.D, Pound Ridge, NY
“You have a gift, and we feel so lucky you have shared it with our children.”
Craig and Lynette Renfer, Walnut Creek, CA
"I would very highly recommend working with Greenwich Arts Academy..."
Liz DeWinter, San Mateo, CA
"Mr Michael allows his students to choose the music they want to learn."
Delaney, 17, Old Greenwich, CT
"... [my teacher] has made it easy to understand..."
Logan, 17, Old Greenwich, CT
"A great experience."
Noah, 11, Westport CT
"[My teacher] is an excellent instructor."
Pam McGlynn, Westport CT
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